Introduction of VNG

Voice of New Generation (VNG) is a youth-led right based organization formed in 2009 and registered in 2012 under Societies Act of 1860. Voice of New Generation (VNG) is engaged in a long term initiative to develop and sustain a network of young emerging leaders, it has remained a program of Civil Society Support Program (CSSP) named “Empowering the Voices of New Generation”. It has emerged as an outcome of Civil Society Support Program’s initiative titled “Empowering the Voice of New Generation” supported by National Endowment for Democracy and UN Democracy Fund (UNDEF).

Voice of New Generation believes that, by engaging youth in deferent activities for their capacity building and providing them a platform can drive force for a change in Pakistan through lay down a youth moment for peaceful society based on democratic values. It is to be achieved by spreading the efforts of different stack holders including civil society organizations, media persons, academia, researchers, lawyers, trade unions, and elected representatives through lobbying and advocacy for policy reforms and implementation.


i) A peaceful society based on democratic values.


i) To organize, educate, engage and empower youth for positive social change in the society through promoting democratic values, civic courage and sense of responsibility among the youth.


i) To increase the role of youth in public affairs and policy development.

ii) To harness the potential of youth through engaging them with local, national and global moments to fight against poverty, social injustice and governance issues.

iii) To provide a powerful platform to the youth to work together for achieving their individual shared goals.

VNG Partners